Nutella Cookies

My friend and I made Nutella cookies when we had a sleepover.  ‘Cause you know, we love food, including the irresistible NUTELLA!

Here is the recipe we used.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any eggs at home (thanks Mom) so we had to ask my neighbor for one.  Just one egg!  Awkward..  The cookies ended up being a littler flatter and harder than most cookies, but I think they were supposed to be like that.  It was fine because I like chewy cookies.  We didn’t use chocolate chips though, because we didn’t have any.  It would have been more chocolaty and fudgy if we did!

If you love Nutella, I hope you’ll bake Nutella cookies, because they are delicious!  If you do, let me know how they are!

What is your favorite way to eat Nutella?  

~ Amanda



Recently I had a sleepover with my best friend.  It was super fun!  (Too bad we couldn’t have more because our summer schedules were packed.)  Here are the things we did.

  • We painted our nails, got frozen yogurt at Nubi’s, and had fun at volleyball practice.
  • We watered the plants and pulled weeds for my mom in my backyard (on our way to becoming gardeners!)
  • We bought Goldfish which were on sale!  We finished them in two days.  Yes, we both are huge eaters..
  • We made an “aquarium” with some spilled goldfish, 😳 lots of water, and things from nature in my backyard.  Before we went back inside, we poured out the water and gave them a burial at sea.  I said the eulogy for many of the Goldfish.  Surprisingly (or not), they pretty much went the same way.. “This Goldfish, [insert name here], was very loyal and brave [insert different adjectives here].  He/she was a respected person fish who will be missed dearly.”  That activity was very amusing 😀
  • We watched Maleficent at the movie theaters.  It has a really good “twist” or a different interpretation of a fairytale we know too well, Sleeping Beauty.  It’s told in the point of view of Maleficent, the supposed villian.  I loved it!  Have you watched it, or do you want to?  We also took pictures in the photo booth.  It was kind of embarrassing because apparently, they showed everything we did in the booth on a screen on the outside of the booth!  I mean, what’s that for, people to stalk us until we come out?
  • We made Nutella cookies, yum!  This will be the feature of my next post!

~ Amanda


Hey guys!  I know I haven’t posted or done anything on this blog for a long time.  I’ve just been checking my reader every so often.

How’s your summer going?  Mine is going pretty well.

What I’ve Done over the Summer so far:

  • I just finished summer school, which was pretty fun!  It was a really big program, so I saw a lot of friends there.
  • One of my classes I took was Chemistry.  We went to a water treatment plant for a field trip.  Now I know how our sewer water is cleaned, yay!  #genuis
  • Since summer school ended about a week ago, I’ve been sleeping in pretty much everyday.  Who doesn’t love sleep?  Especially since I’m going to miss it so much when school starts!  (Ugh, not excited)
  • During the day, I’ve just been reading books and stories on Wattpad in bed, and listening to music.  Lazy, I know, but it’s relaxing 🙂  Anyone else addicted to Wattpad?
  • I had a sleepover with my friend at my house!  Needless to say, it was awesome because we’re crazy with each other.  SUPER CRAZINESS, UNLEASH!!  😛  I’m going to make another post about this sleepover soon.
  • I also had some other friends over on different days.
  • I went to a party my swim team had on Friday.  I played semi-volleyball without a net with my friends.  Then we talked while we ate pizza, chips, and drank soda.

What’s Left of Summer:

  • I’m going on vacation to Canada on Wednesday, 7/30!  I’ll try to post when I’m there.
  • I have to start on a huge project for school, the Heritage Report.  Too much work, TMW, (I made it up just now) is headed my way 😦
  • I have to go shopping for school supplies.
  • My friends and I want to go shopping for clothes because they’ll have back-to-school sales!

Tell me some highlights of your summer so far!  And when does your school start?  Mine starts on August 18th.  Summer goes by way too fast, ya feel?

~ Amanda

Wasting Time

I seem to love wasting time a lot. My 2 main factor of wasting time:

  • Procrastinating
  • Doing useless things that’s truly useless

I waste my time trying to decide something often. It’s something I’m trying to fix.



Well the first week back from the holidays are finally over and it’s now the weekends. *Whew

But I already have a lot of homework. *Sigh

I have a clarinet solo test coming up that’s going to my grade for clarinet.*ek

Actually speaking of tests, week 5 is test week. So MORE tests are coming! *silent screams

I need to do the homework, but currently I’m procrastinating. *scolds myself

I’m dying internally guys, school takes all my positive energy away. *cries

On the bright side (I’m trying to find the tiny fraction of bright sides I have!) I get to do soccer for the lightning carnival, I’m doing fine in my netball team, there’s camp soon (I’m not excited, but should be fun), I don’t have TOO/THAT much homework so I still have plenty of free time… *weak smile





I went to the city for some ‘shopping’.

Now my form of shopping is this:

Eating yummy food and going to bookstores to buy books.

Yes that’s my form of going out to the city to shop.

I bought a book, ate so much food my stomach literally hurt yesterday.

I also ended up buying two things to help with my project that I need to do this holiday. *sigh

And 4 50c books that I would need to use in term 3 for school.

Overall it was fun. ^_^


OMG, I’ve always wanted a top like those. I’ve been wanting it since a long time. I’m happy bout it!